Crowdfunding: CNG Station Contractors LLC: Garland Road, Dallas, Texas Site

CNG Station Contractors LLC is installing a CNG vehicle fueling station on Garland Road, Dallas, Texas.  We are soliciting contributions of any size to complete this project.  Contributors will receive regular e-mails updating the development of this project and will have the opportunity to invest in our next for-profit CNG fueling station in the Dallas Metroplex under the terms of the new JOBS Act, which will permit small investments in big projects.

Advantages of CNG fueling:

1.  CNG at this station will cost $2 gallon (gge) compared to almost $4 gallon for gasoline (mileage of CNG vehicles is within 2-3% of the mileage on gasoline);

2.  CNG vehicles are 20-40% less polluting than gasoline vehicles;

3.  Compressed natural gas is a US domestic fuel; 1/2 the cost of gasoline or diesel; better for the environment; and better for the vehicle engines.

Learn more about CNG fueling and the profits CNG stations can earn for investors.


Houston Needs CNG Vehicles

Houston, Texas, needs CNG-powered vehicles.  This metropolitan area is so big that it is easy to put 150 miles a day on a vehicle.  Here is the place to begin populating Houston with $2 gal CNG-powered vehicles:

1.  Seems almost everyone drives a pick-up.  Convert or buy bi-fuel CNG-powered pick-ups.  Rely on CNG from a local known CNG station, then use a small gasoline tank to power your vehicle around the enormous areas of Houston that do not yet have CNG stations.

2.  Fleets running “racetrack” routes where it’s out of the terminal and to the same delivery locations every day, then back to the terminal.  Find a local CNG station on one or more routes and convert delivery vehicles running those routes to CNG.  Or, better yet, make an arrangement with a company like CNG Station Contractors LLC to install a CNG station near the terminal and enter into a 5+ year contract to supply fuel, while that company makes arrangements to fuel additional fleets in the area.

Because Houston is so enormous and so spread out, the place to begin CNG fueling is in the two above categories, one of which involves light vehicles, the other delivery vans or trucks of almost any size.

Objectives of this Blog

Purposes of this Blog:

1.  Provide information and links to articles and websites discussing the fast-evolving industry of Compressed Natural Gas vehicle fueling, with details on natural gas production in the US, development of CNG fueling stations in the Southwest and Southeast US, and options on converting vehicles to CNG and/or purchasing new CNG vehicles.

2.  Explore crowd equity funding as a means to help spread the word on the benefits to both the environment and to consumers of CNG vehicle fueling and, also, to lay a foundation to solicit equity crowd equity funding under the new Federal JOBS Act once the regulations are issued and such solicitations may be undertaken legally.  We anticipate each station will require $600,000 to $1 million to build and to market.  Each station will be its own separate corporation.  Potential investors will have an opportunity to pick from three initial proposed station sites and business plans for our first investment.  Initial investments will be a minimum of $200 to a maximum of $2,000 per person (shares at $20 per share).

3.  We urge readers to provide information, suggest CNG station sites, and comment on all aspects of our natural gas discussions from exploration and production; horizontal drilling in shale formations and fracking; CNG station development and market targeting; and CNG vehicle conversion and/ or purchases of new CNG pick-ups, vans, and trucks now being offered by all the major US auto and truck manufacturers.

Private comments and requests for more detailed articles, as well as information on future crowd equity funding opportunities, may be sent to